Yoga For Every One

Yoga is for Everyone


Yoga knows no age, thus making the exercise both inviting and accessible to people of all age groups. There are different types that focus on different parts of your body.  They  are associated with relaxation, flexibility, strength, focus, and concentration. It can easily help you release the stress and tension you have in your body. Achieving this through the series of controlled breathing and chanting while forming different poses.

The results speak for themselves, as it has become so popular that people are incorporating  it daily into their schedules. The flexibility of yoga is also great: in your office, at home, while in a bus, train, or airplane travelling, or in a classroom. There are  exercises that fit into every aspect of life. Whenever you get a free moment, there is an exercise that will help you quiet your mind in pursuit of balance and harmony.

Health magazines around the world claim that yoga is for everybody. That’s because it really is. Another proof is Jean Dawson from England who has turned a hundred years old this month and is still going to her yoga class every Monday morning!

Newspapers wrote about her 3 years ago after she celebrated her 97th birthday and was still doing headstands and shoulder stands during her yoga practice. She no longer does them because of her blood pressure, but still attends her  class every week.

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