How to Learn More and Study Less


Learn More and Study Less Video Series

Learn More Study LessDo you Want to Learn More and Study Less

What if I told you everything you know about how
to learn more, study and succeed in school was wrong?
If you learn like most people, it probably is.


  1. You could get better grades, with less studying than you are doing now.
  2. Smart people aren’t just gifted – they have a different learning strategy.
  3. Most people have no idea how they learn things. As a result, they can’t train themselves to be smart.

You can Learn to

  • Read over 70 books in a year.
  • Score in the top three percentile for a national exam.
  • Minimized course work to maintain an A average while running a business, taking frequent international trips and still having time to socialize and party.

This Video Series of Learn More and Study Less is a wonderful tool for Both Kids and Adults


Even if you are not in school and trying to learn something that would enhance your lifestyle this program is right for you.

  • Do you ever spend hours re-reading material that never seems to stick?
  • Do you struggle with hard concepts that others seem to understand instantly?
  • Does it feel like you quickly forget the information you worked so hard to remember?
  • Are your classes consuming your life, but you’re still not getting the grades you want?

These situations are all incredibly common. Many students seem to think the only way to do better is simply to study more. But this ignores the fact that many students can seemingly breeze through tough courses without having to put in nearly the same amount of hours.






Learn More Study Less